Monday, September 18, 2006

An Addition

Alright, so snakes aren't the usual topic of this blog or for that matter the topic of much conversation unless it involves fear. However, I have kept snakes as pets for 2 years now and rather enjoy them: they are low maintenance, gorgeous, calming, and believe it or not have varying personalities. If you don't believe me ask my roommate the temperament of his Kingsnake Rico. This week I purchased my 3rd snake.

My first, Socrates, I only had for a few weeks before it learned to escape and for all I know is still living in Seymour Hall at Knox College. After getting a new lid I bought Plato, a Male Red Albino Corn Snake, whom I have had going on two years now. This week I bought Chanel, a Super Oketee Female Corn. That's right Plato now has a girlfriend.

Below is Plato: my juvenile male, currently a little over 2 feet, he should max out around 5-6 feet.

Chanel: only a few weeks old she is hard to photograph as she is very squirmy and about the size of a pencil. She will grow to about 4 feet, maybe 5.

They don't live together yet, but once Chanel gains some mass they will be roommates.


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