Sunday, March 26, 2006

Read... Please I beg You.

Subject to Change, Unabashedly so:

Here are a few of my favorites if you need some inspiration or are watching too much TV

1. " A Short History of Nearly Everything" Bill Bryson
Essentially the tale of Modern Scientific Understanding. Very clever and insightful. Very well researched but placed in accessible language. I promise you will laugh.

2."The Lexus and the Olive Tree" Thomas Friedman
Okay so technically I am reading this one currently, however it goes on the list for its marvelous attempt at explaining Globalization. I highly, highly recommend this one for all, even if you are not politically motivated. Friedman demonstrates a wide breadth of knowledge and experience which will force you to think much more broadly about various international impacts upon your own life. Secretly I also hope this book converts some of you into IR majors.

3. "The Autobiography of Malcom X" Malcom X and Alex Haley
I promise you that you will throw this book across the room several times in the process of reading it, but ultimately it is worth it. Highlights not only race relations but the ability of man when faced with truth to change while still holding onto his integrity.

4. "An Unfinished Season" Ward Just
This one is a fiction folks and not really to much happens through the course of it. Essentially it is just the summer of one kid. No real beginning or ending, rather a slice of life. However that's the point and it demonstrates the beauty of the English language and is an excellent example of the art of storytelling.

5. "African's and Their History" Joseph Harris
Africa is not and was never the dark continent. This illustrates more concisely and clearly than any other book I have read on Africa it's history and the roots of today's issues which plague the continent.

6. "Letter from Birmingham Jail" Dr. King
Though not a book itself, its short and inspiring. Provides a great apology for Civil Disobedience but even more so is a great introduction and reminder of Dr. King's character.

Alright that's all for now, haha read those and get back to me. Also sorry I haven't posted much lately, the past few weeks have been hell for me, but we move on and get better right...

Currently on my list of books to read:
1. Blue like Jazz
2. The Hobbit
3. The Ragamuffin Gospel
4. Atlas Shrugged

Currently Reading:
1. The Lexus and the Olive Tree
2. "Frankenstien" Mary Shelly
3. "A Peoples History of the United States" Howard Zinn
4. "Twilight of the Idols and the Anti-Christ" Friedrich Nietzsche

Question for Brandon, who is that fiction author you keep telling me to read? Perhaps that is too broad a question, so just list off a few of your favorites, I hear you mention him often.


At 10:15 PM, Blogger bombasticbeats said...

I'm guessing the author is either Flannery O'Connor or Sherman Alexie. They are a couple of my favorite short story writers. Theodore Dreiser is one of my favorite novelists, and I'm kind of into Raymond Carver right now, though I haven't read a lot of his work.

In regard to the post I don't have much to add to the list of inspirational reading, nor have I been watching much television. School has me swamped with lesson plans and student essays. I feel as though I'm learning each day and that keeps me going, but I look forward to the freedom of summer. I need time to process all the crazy stuff that has happened this year.

At 10:15 AM, Blogger Bryan said...

Yes that its: Sherman Alexie!!! Haha thank you sir. We need to catch up sometime as well.....

At 9:11 PM, Blogger bombasticbeats said...

We definately need to hang out. Enough of the occasional telephone/blogger type shit. You are beautiful baby.

At 11:25 AM, Blogger travis said...

If you have been going through hell, Alexi might not be the best to read. His stuff gets me depressed, even though I like it, kind of like the Counting Crows (I have to read it in shorts stints, taking breaks to come up for air). On the other hand, it may make you thankful when you contrast your life to the lives of his subjects.
I read a bit of my first Flannery last week and loved it.
Props to Brandon.
Donlad Miller's new book 'To Own A Dragon' was as good of a read as 'Blue Like Jazz' and I devoured it as quickly. It's about growing up wihtout a father, but says a lot on mentoring, life, becomming an adult, etc. Highly recommend to all of you.
"Like a bridge over troubled waters, I will lay me down." That's what's on our offfice radio as I write.


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