Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Shot shot shot in the dark or even the Light,
It has not mattered for even our souls are shrouded by those who have died!
Cling to the cloud hovering about, that awful fog of war wrapping about our heads so tight;
Like a black blindfold clasping our eyes shut!
Keep keep keep those eyes shut: the cities gates chained and sealed!
It has mattered all the more to protect the cities citizens from the messengers getting through,
Fire in the night the guns go off but the people can't see the victims dying in the field.
The guards speak up in the morning hour and report "Oh citizens stay in doors!
The enemy has come in the night, it is as we all have feared
Look look look a boy who has seen out side our wall!
"It is a matter that must cease and desist! This child must not be allowed to peek."
Explosions at night did not let him sleep, curiosity and compassion to the screams sent him to an innocent fall!
The magistrate executing his sentence: to debilitate the boys ability to speak.
"What did you see?" I didn't see a generation left out in the cold and I didn't see a truth: this the boy might reply.
"Oh, I saw the enemy oh so clear standing alone in utter fear!"


At 9:55 AM, Blogger Bryan said...

What???? Paul Barrett...I thought you had long left the nerdy haven that is blogging. I welcome you back, like a I welcome a sirloin steak to my belly. Enjoyed the words, the end was strong. I am a little lost as to the subject matter though, I have two ideas...


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