Saturday, October 22, 2005

Its not EVILution

Regardless of what circles you find yourself in, the controversy surrounding the teaching of Evolution in schools is bound to surface. Currently in Pennsylvania, Kansas and other states it is being proposed that intelligent Design be taught alongside Evolution as an alternative. And when Evolution is taught a disclaimer must be read stating that Evolution is a theory and not inconclusive in its findings. In fact, according to the Economist 65% of Americans feel that Creationism should be taught alongside Evolution in our public school systems. This however is erroneous and is placing our children at a disadvantage academically. Simply put, the theory of Evolution along with Cell Theory is the foundation of modern Biology.

First, yes Evolution is a Scientific Theory. But it is a Scientific Theory not theory as we colloquially use the word. The dictionary defines Scientific Theory as a set of statements or principles devised to explain a group of facts or phenomena, especially one that has been repeatedly tested or is widely accepted and can be used to make predictions about natural phenomena. Versus meaning a conjecture as we use it in everyday speech. Most of Science is 'Theory', Einstein Theory of Special Relativity, Quantum Theory and so forth. To say we cannot teach Evolution because of a misunderstanding of a word sets a dangerous precedent that threatens all of science.

Secondly, science is based upon the scientific method. Intelligent Design is not. To teach Intelligent Design in a science classroom defies the principles necessary to maintain that discipline. In fact every major and esteemed American Scientific Institute rejects its teaching. Not because they are crazy atheists trying to debunk God. No, they are scientists and require things to be based in observation, experimentation, and reproducible results. Let science teach science, and if you want to debate origins reserve that for a literature or philosophy course.

And finally, I see no reason as a Christian that the two ideas are incompatible. Religion relies upon faith, Science on the scientific method. I enjoy the analogy of Mr. Haught, a Theologian, on the issue of evolution. He asks the question, "What causes a kettle to boil?" One could answer, he said that it is the rapid vibration of water molecules. Or that it is because one has asked one's spouse to switch on the stove. Or that it is "because I want a cup of tea." None of these explanations conflict with one another. In the same way, belief in evolution is compatible with religious faith: an omnipotent God could have very easily created a universe in which life subsequently evolved.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Take Me Downtown to the Ball Game???

Most of you who read this are from Kansas City or have lived there for some portion of your life. So I ask for your opinion. The Kansas City Royals are considering moving their stadium to Downtown Kansas City. Is it a good idea? Will it bring life to the downtown district? Or is it just a bunch of humbojumbo? You deciede.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Shot shot shot in the dark or even the Light,
It has not mattered for even our souls are shrouded by those who have died!
Cling to the cloud hovering about, that awful fog of war wrapping about our heads so tight;
Like a black blindfold clasping our eyes shut!
Keep keep keep those eyes shut: the cities gates chained and sealed!
It has mattered all the more to protect the cities citizens from the messengers getting through,
Fire in the night the guns go off but the people can't see the victims dying in the field.
The guards speak up in the morning hour and report "Oh citizens stay in doors!
The enemy has come in the night, it is as we all have feared
Look look look a boy who has seen out side our wall!
"It is a matter that must cease and desist! This child must not be allowed to peek."
Explosions at night did not let him sleep, curiosity and compassion to the screams sent him to an innocent fall!
The magistrate executing his sentence: to debilitate the boys ability to speak.
"What did you see?" I didn't see a generation left out in the cold and I didn't see a truth: this the boy might reply.
"Oh, I saw the enemy oh so clear standing alone in utter fear!"

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The Matter of Iraq

As most of you I am sure are aware, I was from the beginning against this war in Iraq. I found the pretenses upon which we were supposed to be going in there as questionable and further am hesitant when one nation imposes a system on another. The foundation of any Democracy rests within its people. And Democracy is no easy process, I feel it must be wanted and built by those who will maintain it. And so to impose democracy on Iraq to me was questionable, I would have favored a support role in a Iraqi led insurgency. Alas, Bush didn't ask me, and in 96' when the people did rise we failed them and so here we are. Its 2005 in Iraq with a rising trend of terrorism and support for the war failing on the domestic scene. What now?

Do we leave? No. We went into Iraq for better or worse and took over their government. As a result we have a responsibility and obligation to the people of Iraq to restore order and maintain sensibility over there until either we are asked to leave or a stable and competent government is established by the Iraqis themselves. Nation building and citizenship are not easy and I worry that the people of Iraq were not yet ready or perhaps lack the leadership to tackle the problem, and yet they must. There is no other alternative, we cannot leave--Iraq would only degenerate until another despot took control or would remain a place of endless strife for years to come, further complicating the Mideast. War is not to be played around with and even more so is nation building. It took the United States from 1776 until 1791 to form the basis of the government we have today and even then, we were not able to achieve recognition internationally until 1812, and not until after a Civil War did we come to a unified understanding of Federalism. All issues the public seems to be expecting Iraq to iron out in the matter of months. I repeat: politics and governing are advanced and complex issues, complicated by Democracy which requires some form of efficacy on the sort of the people. It may be the most noble form of Government, but it also is the most frustrating and lengthy. We must be in for the long haul--there is no other responsible alternative.