Wednesday, March 09, 2005

A Question of Reconciliation

So I have been thinking alot about Christianity's legacy tying itself with Colonialism. I was researching for a paper, on colonialism in Africa and I came across this.

Onward Christian Soilders
Into Heathen Lands
Prayer Books in you Pockets
Rifels in Hands
Take the Happy Tidings
Where Trade can be Done
Spread the Peaceful Gospel
With the Gattling Gun

How do we as Christians reconcile our past. It seems like for too long we have just ignored this aspect and said, "oh well I didnt do it". Well I am sorry but, this is an issue we must address. Being at Knox the number one thing you hear about Christians is the atrocities associated in the name of God. It is an obstacle to the Gospel, and something needs to be done.


At 3:52 PM, Blogger bombasticbeats said...

Hey, impeccable timing cause Debbie and I were just talking about this yesterday. We were talking about the early Christians and Gnostics before Rome got ahold of it. I've been wrestling for the past couple years over the issue of Christianity and power. It is hard to be associated with something that has been abused so much for the sake of power and wealth for a select few. It is as if Christianity was corrupted immediately when it became political. And there are so many instances too: the Roman Empire, the Crusades, America with slavery and the genocide of Native Americans, Africa, Australia, etc. The list seems to go on and on. For so long Christianity has been less means for a religious and spiritual life and more so a means for exercising power and exploitation. Even modern Christianity in America sometimes feels like a perpetuation of a capitalist form of maintaing power and wealth. These issues are drawing me to the lives of people like Thomas Merton, Dorothy Day, and Flannery O'Connor, because they sought to live spiritually meaningful lives and fight for social justice in a modern American society. Anywho, this is getting too long so I'll stop now.

At 6:02 AM, Blogger shinanos said...

Just changed my blog's URL & username, not to sacrifice myself too much. Also dismissed by one class and offered another job.
Now I'm in turning point, somehow.

At 2:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey bryan. i went to a talk by Jim Wallis (God's Politics author) a couple nights ago, and he said some interesting things about your topic. it's totally true that some terrible things have been done by christians/religion, but there is also another side of the story. the movements to end slavery, women's suffrage, civil rights, expansion of scientific research have all been propelled by christianity too..that different perspective may make an intersting side to your paper...peace, brian (mike's bro)

At 9:46 PM, Blogger Bryan said...


While I agree with you wholeheartidly, and would say that Christianity has contributed much to social justice and human progress. I still worry that Christianity is being shown, especially in acadamia, as racist, sexist, and insensitive towards culture. I feel that if we were to say yes, it is apart of our history, we acknowledge it, and it was wrong. I feel we are at a place where we cant go forward without going back and correcting issues of the past. I am not trying to bash the church here, I am merely commenting on things I run into everyday.

At 10:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bryan, where are you going to school? I'm at the University of Colorado, so i can't completely relate to your experience of christainity being portrayed as essentially ignorant, shallow, and damaging:) Why does it worry you that christianity is portrayed in that way?
How do you think we sould correct issues of the past?
and, for the record, i didn't think you were church-bashing (although there is PLENTY to bash about). it's a fine line to acknowledge the sins of the church without alienating churchgoers and finding a way to restore/change the church to what it should be. somewhere there is a balance...that is most likely the place where god is in the whole thing.
i'd be interested in reading your paper once it's complete...brian


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