Saturday, February 19, 2005

College is more dangerous than Heroin

Now what is Bryan talking about here. College and Heroin on the same field of dangerousness. If that indeed is a word. Anyhow what I am talking about here is an important concept that I feel is crucial to ones academic carreer. If you go through college sucking up information, opinions, and ideas. It is indeed just as dangerous as heroin in altering your thought patterns. College should not be a time to assimulate knowledge into your self, but instead should be a time to do battle with it. When reading something, the first thing one should do is find out a bit about the author and what thier background is. This helps you understand the perspective the author may be conveying. Then while reading it dont, please dont take what is said at face value but please oh please think, yes think while reading. Wrestle with the concepts. In most of the reading I do I accept large portions of the material as truth or valuable, and discount other portions. So please shift through material and dont take academic work at face value, the very process of shifting is the core of becoming an academic.

Sorry if this all came out a bit confusing I was at a part till 7 this morning and a bit tired. Peace and I have another of more depth on the way.


At 2:28 PM, Blogger bombasticbeats said...

Welcome back Dale. Mmmmm reading. I think I might just head to a coffee shop right now.


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