Monday, January 31, 2005


How flippin' dope. On Saturday I scored tickets to see U2 in Chicago this May. Amazing band, whose concerts I have heard are two hours of goosebumps. Can't wait. Just had to share the news.
Hope all is well to the rest of you in blogland. Not many people have been coming around here since the holidays.

Monday, January 17, 2005

Assimilation versus Integration

Today was a national holiday commemerating the life and ideals of Dr. Martin Luther King. Knox sponsered a convecation in honor of the event, where speakers came and spoke on various issues relating therein. The speaches were on God and Social Movements, Knox's legacy, multicultural education, and the last was selected poems on Dr. King. It was all quite moving. I was nearly brought to tears on the God and Social Movements speach. So much of it rang true with me, and it was surprising to hear a message in such a form at a very left-of-center, humanistic institution such as Knox.

However hearing all this has spurred some thought. Malcom X's main critisism of Dr. Kings policy of integration is that it would only lead to assimilation, that is minorities would be sucked in the the culture of the majority, losing there cultural roots. Now, while I am not an anti-integrationist and on the contrary see integration as a very rich and positive achievement, I feel there is a certain degree of validity to Malcom X's statements. To a certain extent with education, and integration a culture gets assimulated into the mass of america. I for one am almost 100% swedish, yet retain only a small degree of swedish culture and heritage. Are we a salad bowl, or a cup of soup? I for one see the salad as more enriching to society.

Here is another question, though we are as a whole losing our cultural roots, and may experience a degree of nakedness. We are becoming something else. American, and hold on a second before we jump on the bandwagon to bash american culture. I am not propegating capitalist imperialism here, I am talking about something deeper. American, I dont know what that will come to mean, but it is unfolding.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

albums that got ya the past year

OK, I think thtat this might generate some replies.
The game: taking NO LONGER THAN FIVE MINUTES TO THINK AND RESPOND, list your favorite albums from the last year (maening last year, it did not ahve to come out in the last year, you just discovered or appreciated it in the last year)

Aqualung (from the Wicker Park soundtrack, I've yet to get ahold of their CD)
blindside 'About a Burning Fire'
Over the Rhine 'Ohio' (stunning double CD) and 'Live, Changes Come'
Maroon 5 'Songs About Jane'
Kanye West 'College Dropout'
U2 'How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb' (suprisingly as good, probably better than their previous CD)
Switchfoot 'Beautiful Letdown' (not a letdown)
Bob Marley- any album will do

That's all that comes to me in the 5 allowed minutes.
Everyone have a good afternoon and evening. FYI- there is a premier of U2's new video during halftime of the bowl game this evening, if that interests you.
Good pizza is always good and Dasani water is pleasantly pleasant.