Sunday, December 12, 2004

The Lie

Alright friends, I came upon this quote and it really rang true with me:
"art is a lie that makes us realize the truth" --Pablo Picasso

For this one I want to open it more up to you guys. What pieces of art, any medium, have helped you realize something, or have significantly impacted your life? Alright kids, take it from there, expand, contract do whatever you want with it, I will answer latter, but I didn't want to influence anyone's answer for this.


At 8:38 PM, Blogger RahX said...

The first time I heard the band wookiefoot I immediately took a much less serious view towards life. I began to just learn to have fun and not worry about so much. To this day, no single band has hit home w/ my ideals so closely.

At 12:06 AM, Blogger Roxanne said...

Hopefully I'll come back and answer this more thoroughly, but for now, my response is: all of it. All art of any medium that I've seen has had an impact on me and occasionaly on the art work I produce.

At 1:05 AM, Blogger bombasticbeats said...

I suppose sometimes art can be a lie in the sense that it overdramaticizes things in order to have a more profound affect on the people that choose to interact with it. But sometimes art truly comes from the heart. I don't know how to explain this art except to say that you know it when you see it (or hear it!) Some of my favorite music is as real and raw as it gets, but some of my favorite literature is a lie in the sense that it is fiction. Other than that it could be said to be very much the truth. This quote is interesting and complex.

At 11:49 PM, Blogger That one guy said...

My answer comes from a question. Can art--in any medium, in any form--have a single, solitary meaning? I would argue that it does not; that it cannot, it should not. Thus, art, in basic terms, has no meaning. Meaning comes from what I bring to it.

Thus, answering the question, I have brought myself to certain forms of music (a bit of U2, and, to a large degree, hymns). In general, the art form of discussion and personal communication would be what I have brought myself to most often. While music is good, I haven't heard any band or song that, after listening to it, I have said to myself: "My life is completely different than it was five minutes ago." Only an interaction with the Holy Spirit has brought me to my knees in such a way.

At 11:07 AM, Blogger Roxanne said...

Perhaps I'll just respond to this question in mini posts....In response to the quote, my thoughts are this:
art is a lie, because it's not real. It may be made of real materials, etc, but the finished product isn't real. Perhaps some of you are firmiliar with Rene Magritte's painting "Treachery of Images". It is a painting of a pipe, and below in French it says "This is not a pipe." I think this quote and Picasso's coincide so well together in my brain. Magritte's painting IS actually the "lie that makes us realize the truth." Magritte is saying that his painting isn't a pipe, it's just a painting of a pipe. It's a 2-dimensional object on a surface, meant to REPRESENT a pipe.

Art isn't real, but it can lead to real emotions, real thoughts, and real empowerment. So, sorry to bore all of you, and I hope this makes sense to someone other than me, ha ;)

At 4:30 PM, Blogger That one guy said...

how do i make a post that isn't a comment? or is that not possible?

At 12:42 PM, Blogger Bryan said...

To post a comment, all you need to do is go to sign in and put your password and then it should take you to a thing saying the blogs you belong to and then you just say New Post or some heeze like that so, yeah email me if you have problems Tommy Boy.

At 6:55 PM, Blogger Bryan said...

One of the most influential pieces of art for me was the film, "The Thin Red Line", I saw it in 7th grade and have never been the same. The film does a superb job showing the phycological side of war. It influenced my views on war, politics, people and so forth. If you havent seen it I would highly highly recommend it, it is a bit long but well worth it.

Another piece that has impacted me in my view of art is Pablo Picasso's "Dance of Youth". It is highly simplistic and in that simplicity it finds its power. It looks as though a 5 year old drew it with crayola's. It shows what seems to be many ethnicities dancing around a dove. And in this childlike simplicity we find a message of peace, which sometimes only a child can understand.

I must also mention Berneni's The ectasy of St. THeresa. If you havent seen it, do it is fabulous. I dont need to say anymore


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