Thursday, December 23, 2004

In Response

In response to Tom's questions in a pervious post regarding the United Nations. First of all I feel that it would be highly erroneous to pull out of the United Nations, not only would it alienate the United States further from the international community, and increase ill will. It would also be problematic in the sense that if the U.S. is to provide leadership in world, the UN is seen as the legitimate arena to do so.

Now onto the issue of soveriegnty. This is tricky because it is not a black and white issue. Is the US soreign, yes, however are there times when we must forfiet such soveriegnty to enable greater cooperation, yes. Now of course there is a danger in this, becuase as you mentioned Tom some may aim to hurt the United States or use such power to promote their own self interests. And in such instances we should use discrestion and wisdom to do what is rights and in the long term interests of ourselves and the world. But I being one to promote the interntional system say it is worth such risks. This is something new we are embarking on in terms of government, it is controversial, risking and full of problems but long term I hope in will yield great results. If you go back in your thinking a few hundred years to when the idea of a republic began to become popular government over common monarch and aristocracy systems there was much hesitancy and trasition. It was not widely accepted that democracy was the best alternative. However this is what we now hold strong to. And in that same spirit of community, deliberation, discussion, and compromise that we find so forthright throughout democratic institutions, we are attempting to forge an International system. However just as our forefathers were leary of the risks of democracy that involved: mob rule, factions, tyranny over minorities by the strong, and stupidity winning over intellect, we must be careful to gaurd against these in an international setting. The US is the holds the most sway in the world both economically and milatarily, and as a nation who holds such truths of community to be paramount we should be deliberate in our stance in the UN.
Government is continually changing and is really just a big experiment, thats why Tom, you and I are in such unique positions, our study of government isnt absolute but requires an openness that I gladly share with you.

On the issue of Israel, I admit that the UN does perphaps promote a more belligerant attitude towards Israel. But I will save my commentary on Israel and Palestine for another day, however one may guess that I do lean towards the side of Palestine. Maybe Tom that would be fun: for sometime in the future for you and I to each write consecutive articles on the whole mid-east issue.

Always a pleasure

P.S. for you other internet bombkins out there please please read the MLK stuff it would benifit you greatly and the sacrafice of 15 mins. is truly very little.


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